DESTINY have plans for all.

I completed my MBA and came to Dubai in June 2010. The day I landed here search started first for accommodation and then for job. Got accommodation then I started looking for job.
I never thought that searching a job will be such a difficult task. I kept applying for every single opportunity. But I heard nothing from anyone. Just 3 calls of interview in 7 months.

I had almost made up my mind to leave and go back to India. BUT destiny had some different plans for me. While going through facebook I came across a competition going on at Global Village (Annual Fest in Dubai ). I just had to quote my favorite pavilions in the Global Village and if I win then I will get a VIP car park pass along with 100 VIP entry tickets. I gave answers and surprised I won. Initially I didnot believe but when I received a call from the organiser’s office I believed.

I collected a pack. Then me and my husband Sangram started thinking about the free tickets which we received. We thought some we will keep for ourselves and some we will give to construction site labors who may not afford to pay the price and go there. I was not aware that this decision will change my life, but as it is said that destiny have its plans for you. Destiny had a beautiful plan.

We approached to one lady Ms. Saba Hussain who is the founder of an organisation “Mums Who Share”. This organisation share food with construction site labors on every Thursday. As they meet labors every week we thought that they will be the best to give tickets to labors. I contacted her and she said yes they can do it and they will be happy if we can give them tickets.

Sangram and I went to her place. While talking to her she asked me what do I do? I simply replied that I am looking for job. She asked me my qualification, I said MBA in HR. GUESS WHAT??? She immediately her husband is looking for a person to manage his office and it’s a law firm. I smiled and said that I am also a law graduate. It was so kind of her to say that I will give you email id of her husband Mr. Syed Mujtaba Hussain. I contacted him. He immediately asked me to join.

I was just like a dream for me. I also joined his office. Since I believe that DESTINY have plans for all. You just have to believe in it. FAITH is the only key.

Its been four months now that I am working in this organisation. This organisation is another example of how an organisation should be. I think I will write about it in another blog.

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8 Responses to DESTINY have plans for all.

  1. Aayushi Darshana says:

    Way to go Prachiti……and truly said Destiny has plans for all:)

  2. Great going Pracs…. All the best and keep writing…

    • Prachiti Talathi says:

      Hey Harshad

      Thanks a lot.. Learning to write. If you have any suggestions then please do let me know.


  3. Dilip says:

    Hi Prachiti .. good articulation and simplification on something so abstract as ‘Destiny! Yes ‘Faith’ is the key.


  4. Prachiti Talathi Gandhi says:

    Thank you Sir! after I got this job I more strongly believed in DESTINY and FAITH.

  5. Dilip says:

    Dear Prachiti,

    Here’s wishing you and your husband greetings on our Independence Day.

    With kind regards!

    Dilip Naidu

    • Prachiti Talathi Gandhi says:

      Dear Sir,

      Thank you so much. We wish you the same. Today from my South Korean Colleague I came to know that it is their Independence day also. This information is new to me so I am sharing with all I know.



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