Things I appreciate about Government Offices in Dubai

I was working here and as a part of my job I visited to few Government offices like Municipality, Etisalat (Telephone, Internet and TV connection provider), Banks etc.

When for the first time I went to Dubai Municipality, I was amazed to see the way Government office looks here. I never imagined that the office can be so people friendly. When I went first thing I noticed was a nice reception counter with employees to help me with my queries. The person gave me a token and directed me to the counter. There was ample sitting place available. There were digital number display system in the office and at the same time you can view them on screen. When my turn came I went to the counter where, I was greeted with a smile and answered all my queries and gave me the some forms and also said that in case of any problem I can ask on phone. No hassle no irritation, no bribe. Every one waits for his / her turn and get work done. One more thing I would like to quote is few years back an RTA (Road Transport Authority) fined their own Traffic Officers for using a dark film than permitted. Another incidence which I will quote is an officer filed a complaint against person trying to bribe him.

All Government Departments have their call centers as well as their websites where you can get all the info you want on phone or online. Sometimes it is not necessary for you to go to the government offices for filing application or just for a list of required documents.

Every where you will find separate queue for Ladies and Handicapped people. Even in public transport buses no one else is allowed to be sited on seats reserved for ladies. Even gents are not allowed to stand in between aisle in ladies seats. Once I was travelling to Sharjah and I was not aware of this rule. One male came and sat next to me. The driver noticed that when that person was about to get down and he said Sorry to me again and again and said that he did not notice that.

Easy access of information here in all the offices is really something which I appreciate.

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