Just few thoughts!!!!

Why life has two faces? Why it gives you happiness on one hand and takes away with another? Why every time there is cost attached to everything in life?
Who can give answers to all these questions? Nobody. As of today I have not met any one who doesn’t have these questions or who can answer these questions.
For me, life is a question mark. An unending question for which there is no answer. More I try to find answers, more questions I come across. Some times I feel that I got an answer but next moment I realize that answer is not relevant to the question.
Why is there a question mark? Why in relations also one has questions? When can you get answers? where to look for answers? Why can’t things be simple? Why happiness is always short lived and sorrows are long lived? Is it really so or we just don’t understand how time passes by in happiness?
Why can’t I be myself? Why do I have to carry masks? Can’t I expect from anyone? Why everyone always expects a smile from me? Can’t I fell to see the World smiling along with me?
Yes, I do feel so, but…… This but is creating a problem. I have to change, but…. Yes, I love to be happy, smiling and full of energy but after all I am a human being and not a machine. I also want some one to smile for me, to think about me.
These are all exceptions. DON’T EXPECT! Be what you are, how you are and keep smiling with a hope that you will get what you want without even expecting. The more I try to keep myself away from questions the more they come in my way. They make me aloof and alone.. I hate this loneliness…..

I know that this write up is full of confusion. Readers may not find any sense in this but this write up is important for me as this was my first effort to write my thoughts on paper and showing it to my friend (if she is reading this she will recollect it) and asking for her feedback(today also waiting for your feedback….. )

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